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Why Choose Us For Ballet Dance Classes?

Ballet is the fundamental of dance technique as it develops grace, flexibility, strength and balance. We recommend taking Ballet by itself or as an added fundamental class weekly to support any other dance style like Jazz, Tap or Hip Hop, even gymnastics and ice skating.

The classes offered begin with PreBallet/Tap combo class for ages 4-5, pre-primary ballet for children aged 5 and older, primary for children aged 6 and older, grade 1 ballet ages 7-9 and so on. The grades of ballet do not follow the same ages as public school grades. Our office staff can assist in selecting the proper class for a beginning ballet student. We also offer teen recreational ballet for students who have not taken ballet as younger children and who wish to take ballet without following a syllabus.

Why is dance important?

First and foremost, dance is important because it's fun! Our teachers are dancers themselves and share their passion with their students. Additionally, the National Dance Education Organization says that dance trains a better combination of flexibility, strength, endurance, and coordination than most other physical pursuits. But beyond that, educators are increasingly recognizing the importance of the arts on cognitive development. Creative and aesthetic pursuits like dance have been repeatedly linked to improved physical, mental, and social well being, as well as academic achievement. More than ever, dance and the arts are being recognized as essential pieces of a complete education by leading teachers, administrators, and educational philosophers.Why start dance lessons now?

Whether your child has been dancing for years or has never taken a class before, early primary age is a great time to start. At 6-9 year old, kids are developing the motor skills and awareness to tackle all the basics (and then some) to many formal dance styles. Pediatricians, NGOs, and other child health experts the world over laud the physical, mental, and social benefits of dance for children. Plus, at this age kids are more able than most adults to learn new things quickly.

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Why Ballet?

While there are many different styles of dance, Ballet is a cornerstone of most formal dance instruction. Ballet teaches strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, and movement skills which are the foundation from everything from Hip Hop to Salsa. It's also an excellent form of exercise and fosters both discipline and community building among students (all reasons Columbus State University gives for teaching kids Ballet). In this age range, classes are all about mastering the fundamentals. Our teachers cultivate a love of Ballet and dance while working with students to perfect age-appropriate techniques.

Angelina Ballerina

Veksler Academy of Music & Dance is an official Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy! Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy classes are taught through a nationwide network of top quality dance studios.Your child will receive a quality dance education in a caring and fun environment, all based on the beloved Angelina Ballerina character.
This 30 minutes class is for children ages 3-4 The Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy curriculum is designed by internationally renowned master teachers and child development experts. Your child will be inspired to pursue their dreams of dance, just like Angelina Ballerina!

Tippy Toes Ballet

This 30 minutes class is for children ages 4-5. Students will be expressing themselves through the art of dance in this fun and interactive class. In this class, students will learn tap and ballet skills through imagination activities, movement games and singing. Props such as pom pons, hula hoops, parachutes and bean bags are used to enhance the learning experience. Dancers will enjoy learning basic ballet and tap terminology along with fun and engaging games.

Tutu Cuties Ballet

This 45 minute session is a class for the young dancers from 5-6. The focus is the enjoyment of dance blended with basic dance studio etiquette. Simple movement is taught to music along with the start of dance vocabulary.

Twirling Stars Ballet

This hour length class is designed for students 6-7 years old with minimal or no dance experience. In addition to skills taught at the pre primary level, it gives the opportunity to learn and/or refine beginning ballet body positions and the execution of associated beginning movements and steps.

Ballet I

Students 7-9 years old that are comfortable with ballet class structure and some working ballet vocabulary are suitable for this level. It is aimed at increasing vocabulary and movement capabilities. Gentle stretching and conditioning is encouraged along with carrying out more varied combinations of movement.

Ballet II

Incorporating all of the elements in other offered ballet classes, this class is aimed at for the 7-10 age range. The development of attention to detail in alignment and placement is emphasized with a wider range of movement offered.

Ballet III

We also offer teen and adult recreational ballet for students who have not taken ballet as younger children and who wish to take ballet without following a syllabus.


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