Spring Break March 28-April 3rd

Song & Dance Classes


If your child loves to sing & dance then our Song & Dance class is a convenient option for you. Song & Dance is our preschool music program and preschool dance class scheduled back-to-back to make it more convenient for parents. The individual components of each portion are identical to taking preschool music or preschool dance as their own separate classes, it just puts the classes back to back to make the schedule easier for parents wishing to enroll their child in both music and dance.

Our students enjoy lots of personal attention in our small classes with only 8 students per class. The children greatly benefit by having a specialist in preschool dance for the dance part of the class and a specialist in preschool music teach the music part. The class is 1 hour long with 1/2 hour of dance and 1/2 hour of music. The music component takes place in the preschool music room and the dance component takes place in one of the dance studios.

In the music part of the class students will:

Enjoy lots of singing to teach many musical concepts

Learn about rhythm with games and percussion instruments

Learn about the instruments in the orchestra

Learn basic note and music notation recognition

In the dance part of the class students will:

Learn basic dance steps

Work on creative movement

Work on sequencing

Learn a dance routine and be part of the year end dance recital

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(Please enroll in music lessons and dance classes (KD -kinderdance) separately with 30 minutes interval between classes. Discounted rate of $150/month will be applied when you register for both preschool music and dance classes)


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